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  • French Shore Tapestry — Tapisserie du French Shore July 2, 2010 / News

    Tapestry 1

    Based on his idea for an embroidered depiction of Newfoundland history in the fashion of the famous Bayeux Tapestry in France, Jean Claude worked with the French Shore Historical Society of Conche, Newfoundland from 2004 to 2010 to produce the French Shore Tapestry, a 220-foot long embroidery. Designed by Jean Claude and his wife Christina, and embroidered by women of Conche and surrounding communities, this work of art and craft shows a personal and eclectic view of the history of Newfoundland, and in particular the French Shore, from the beginning of time to the present. Jean Claude received the Prix Champlain in France in 2013 for this work. The creation of the tapestry has been the subject of a documentary by Barbara Doran and Jerry MacIntosh.

    Tapestry 2